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British Long Track Championship, Mallory Park 15th May 2005 

A cosmopolitan array of 21 Hot Rods took part in the British Long Track Championship at Mallory Park on the 15th May. As this was an open meeting there was a wide range of machinery split into 3 groups, from the English National Hot Rod scene, was Paul Uden, , Dick Hillard, Andy Holtby, Tick Steward racing his brother Andy’s 206, Andy deciding to let Tick have a go as World Championship points were no at stake, Colin Gomm and Malcolm Blackman, while from Northern Ireland cane Keith Martin in his new 206 and the impressive Ian Thompson, while the Republic was represented by Neville Stanley, deciding to give the World Qualifying meeting at Tipperary on the same day a miss, with Alan Conroy representing the Scots. In the open hot Rod Class were Buxton regulars, Ivan Grayson, Iain Grayson, Jon Price and Gary Heath, Also present was Richard Rigby, Brian Loram from the West Country and an ageing Opel Kadett for Lee Munday from Camberley. There was also a class for outlaw hot rods, although quite what the difference from an Outlaw to an Open hot rod baffled me!. In this group was Dave Fry from Arena, John Farazamand, SCSA racer and former NHR World Champ Colin White and Chris Haird. Chris was debuting a brand new Elite sponsored Audi TT, this car having been on show at the NEC and not having turned a wheel until it arrived at Mallory on the Sunday morning, Chris had some major problems with it and never made it past the first couple of laps in the first heat, racing in the Outlaw group under the number 1.  The Grid was lined up with the open Hot rods at the front followed by a group of 5 Super rods, then came the Nationals, racing on Hoosiers and finally the Outlaws, with the advantage of their Avon tyres at the back of the grid. Most interest focussed on Blackman and White, to see how they would fare against each other.

 Heat 1

136   191   267                   278   98     84     61    31            718    1

152    10    268    262        901   911   657   994   16            637   20

Gary Heath led them away for the first heat, but Blackman and White were really motoring through the pack, Loram took over at the front with Gomm third and Blackman and White fourth and fifth respectively by the end of the second lap as Steward spun off,  Gomm made into the lead next time round as White found the advantage over Blackman and made it up to second. Bu half distance White was out in front with Blackman in tow, Blackman not giving up the battle and nearly made it through on the inside of the Corrado as they entered turn 1 for the last time, White hung on though to take the win from Blackman and Gomm with Thompson coming through for fourth from Holtby and Stanley.

1st:- 718, 911, 278, 901, 61, 967, 994, 262, 31, 637

 Heat 2

191   136    152                16      61   84      98    278         718   637

262    268    10                  31   994   967   911   901           20

The second heat saw Loram quickly into the lead again followed by Rigby with Hillard quickly up to third, by lap 3 Blackman, white and Thompson occupied 3rd to 5th place, all three moving up to the front next time round, they stayed in this order for a couple of tours until Thompson found his way past White for second and chased after the leader, while Gomm and Steward moved up to 4th & 5th. Thompson had a nibble at Blackman, but the World Champ held on to take the win from Thompson, White, Steward, Gomm and Hillard.

1st:- 911, 901, 78, 98, 278, 31, 61, 967, 994, 262


262   268   191           911    278   967   98          718

 10    152   136           901      61    31    84          637

The final looked to be all about a showdown between Blackman and White, Blackman lined up on the front row of the National grid alongside the impressive Thompson, with White 4 rows back.

Loram  on pole led them away but the National drivers were quickly through, Blackman hitting the front on the second lap with Thompson in tow, White had more traffic to contend with and it took #White another couple of laps to move up to 4th behind Gomm. Thompson got ahead of Blackman briefly but Blackman fought back to take over the lead again and then slowly stated to edge away, White eventually managed to get by Gomm, but the leading duo were well away by now, Blackman looking extremely quick as he took the chequers with the ever impressive Thompson in second. White come home from third from Gomm. Hillard and Loram.

1st:-  911, 901, 718, 278, 61, 31, 262, 637, 10, 136